International Floating Fair (IFF) Real Estate 2013

Date: 10-Nov-13 to 21-Nov-13
Location: International Floating Fair Boat / Kuwait / Kuwait
Category: Real Estate & Property Management Conferences & Trade Fairs

IFF Real Estate 2013 will visit 5 countries and 6 ports in 11 days in November 2013. This show has as main goal to promote the Turkish Real Estate and attract possible investors. However, it is our objective also to exhibit the best real estate projects in the world.


Dubai: 10th to 11th of November
Abu Dhabi: 12th of November
Doha: 13th and 14th of November
Manama: 16th and 17th of November
Dammam: 18th and 19th of November
Kuwait: 20th and 21st of November


Contractors, Building and Housing Institutes and Associations, Managers and Consulting Managers, Investors, Businessmen, Traders, Local Public Figures, Real Estate Constructors, Architects, Building Cost Experts, Planners and Consultants, Project Managers, Diplomats and International Managers, NGOs, Real Estate Business Owners, Managers, Operators and Professionals.


Architects, Interior Designers, Engineering and Construction Companies, Real Estate Contractors, Bankers and Investors, Financial Institutions, Investment Companies, Fund Management Companies, Real Estate Investment Partners, Economic Development Authorities, Consulting Companies, Market Researchers, Franchising Companies, Furniture Services, IT/Software/Hardware Service Providers, Reparation and Restoration, Security, Social Housing Construction Companies, Skyscrapers, Residences and Business Towers, Hotels and Retailer Outlets, Service Providers to Shopping Centers and Wholesalers, Associations and Institutions, Non-Governmental Organizations, Real Estate and Real Estate Property Management Companies, Real Estate Stockbrokers, Retailers, Shopping Center Constructers and Management Companies, Environmental Technologies Provider

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